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Roy S
29 October 2017
Because of your impeccable attention to detail and Quality, the food at our wedding was incredibly
Fantastic. We received so many compliments on how tasty food was, and I cannot personally
Thank you enough for going the extra mile to ensure my nephew’s free nut allergy would not be an issue
We are so grateful to have worked with you .

08 October 2017
We were going next door to grocery store, we were about to come out, she said don’t come out. Looks like she has a fight with grocery store person. We were still coming out from car, she insisted upon
Us staying in car. We could not beleave her is she sick or she wants to hurt grocery store person by not letting customer there.

08 October 2017
We were going next door to grocery store, we were about to come out, she said don’t come out. Looks like she has a fight with grocery store person. We were still coming out from car, she insisted upon
Us staying in car. We could not beleave her is she sick or she wants to hurt grocery store person by not letting customer there.

Gregg Pill
15 April 2016


In a quiet unassuming strip mall sits a delightful, family-run Indian restaurant named Saffron. While the spice derived from the fall-blooming saffron crocus requires a harvest of 75,000 flowers to produce one pound valued up to $5,000, Westmont's own Saffron is much more affordable and easily attainable.

Prasenjit Roy
21 January 2016

This spice is becoming recognized as the new international super-food. Many studies have shown that curry provides numerous health benefits, such as combating heart disease, relieving arthritis pain, and increasing metabolism.

24 May 2015
Hello Roy,
I wanted to send a note to thank you again for all of the amazing food and service for Sima & Jonathan's weddding! I heard so many wonderful comments and i was even able to sample some of the food later that night. Yum! I do hope that we will be able to work together again soon!

Walter Earvin
05 June 2014
I am experienced with Indian Cuisine. I had tried other restaurants in the downtown area. I thought your food and staff was at par with the other restaurants. I look forward to coming back!

Ken Daemicke
04 May 2014
Hello, and thank you for your inquiry. I appreciate a person who works hard, and you certainly do, as I observed you hustling around the restaurant through the night we were there and now I am impressed by your attempt to follow up. My wife, daughter and I really enjoyed our meal Saturday night. We became fans of Indian cuisine only within the past year, and have had it sparingly in La Grange, Toronto and London. The meals we had at Saffron were excellent and every bit as good or better than wherever else we have had it. Additionally, my wife and I found your recommendation of Taj Mahal beer to be an excellent selection. We also favored the subdued noise level from the carpeted dining area, and the class afforded by the white linen tablecloths. Service was just a bit slow, particularly near the end when waiting for our check. I can assure you that we will return and we look forward to when we do!

17 April 2014

Ray S.
19 January 2014
I came to know about Saffron because one of my high school friends had their high school graduation party here. The food was great then and it still is. However, Saffron has moved to another location, literally right down the street.
Anywho, Saffron still is really good. My family and I try a new Indian restaurant every 1 to 2 months in the suburbs, and so far Saffron is the only one that is consistently good.
My last visit was this Saturday (Jan 18, 2014). Since its move to the new location (sorry I don't have the address), I have visited here 3 times in the past year.

Food -- 9 out of 10
Service -- 10 out of 10
Price -- 6 out of 10
Environment -- 8 out of 10
Cleanliness -- 10 out of 10
Staff & Friendliness -- 10 out of 10

Now I know what you may be thinking, aren't these ratings rather high, Ray?
Nope. I truly feel that this restaurant deserves this score.

Food --- Every time I'm seated, I'm served with fresh papad (papar) with 3 sauces (red, green and a spicy sauce/chutney). Trust me, its really good!!! I never order appetizers and go straight for the main course. Their Paneer Makhani is the bomb! Seriously the best one I've had in Illinois. Their Vegetable Jalfrezi is pretty good too. And we normally order Onion Kulchas, Tandoori Roti and Butter Naan (all breads/rotis are made to perfection).... Food always pleases, and if you get a dish that's dissatisfying, if you ask nice and tell them the reason, they will substitute another dish in. Been there and done that.

Service --- I feel their service is great. The most recent time I went, they weren't too busy, so it may be a bit biased, but they were on top of it. Like if water was below half a glass, they immediately refilled. They came back as soon as they spotted a naan basket that finished and they were just chill people to talk to. Also the deserve the perfect 10, because they were so understanding about replacing the dish that we ordered.

Price --- Now, I'm brown so I guess price matters a bit. Hah. But really, there are some items on the menu that I feel aren't worth the price. For example, they had some Vegetable Pakoras in the appetizer menu. The price was somewhere around $14, when asked the waiter, he said there were 3-4 pieces, it just didn't seem reasonable when you can get a full 2 baskets of naan or a dish for that price, you know.

Environment --- Here I'm referring to the feel of the restaurant and the ambiance. The restaurant features darker colored walls and carpet. Lights are between dim and bright. The bar is lit with just enough light. There's 3 rooms, the main dinning room, the food room (center) and the other room (probably for parties and functions).

Cleanliness --- Part of what makes a restaurant successful and worthy of a 5 star rating is how clean is the place? Spic-and-span I tell you! Bathrooms are clean too, so that's a plus. Dish and glasses don't seem to have any stains (I've seen some Indian restaurants have)...

Staff & Friendliness --- The last time I visited, the staff was awesome. Friendly, clean-shaven, polite and helpful. In fact, the restaurant owner greeted us toward the end of the meal and we had a good conversation. Nice fella.

So yes, I greatly favor this restaurant and will definitely visit them in the near future. Just remember that they have moved from their original location! They are now located just down the stream next to a Laundry Mat in the corner of a somewhat-empty complex.

By the way, for the penny pinchers, I've seen Saffron Coupons available of Groupon multiple times and on Restaurant.com, so its worth checking that out first..

Ryan G.
18 October 2013
First time here today. Flipping awesome food. Genuinely excellent service. I never give 5 stars but I will for these guys.

Vidya M.
16 April 2013
Good Food.
Need to Specify spice levels else food is served mild.

Ordered Sizzlers . Goo & yummy hot.

Everything was good. Conference room had a party going on. so full of music crowd. cool.

wish I had a groupon & sure will come back again soon .

Yippy , I bought a Groupon, Can't wait to have yummy food.

M L.
18 January 2013
As good as it gets! Love the buffet and the ambience of the restaurant.

Kelli M.
11 January 2013
Best Indian food! I have come here numerous times and always enjoyed the food. The place is big but never too crowded. The staff is courteous and informative. I have ordered take out as well and their portions are just as large as when you eat in. My favorite is the tikka masala sauce.
You don't need a reservation and parking is always available. Ask the server for advice on orders.

Shelly A.
17 November 2011
Working with Roy Uncle and the entire group at Saffron this past year for my wedding was a fantastic experience! Everything went smoothly and the guests couldn't stop raving about the food.

Unlike the people at a lot of restaurants, he really puts the family's and guests' experiences first and keeps that as the priority throughout the whole planning process. He was able to make recommendations that were huge hits with the crowd. He is easy to work with and you can feel that he genuinely cares about your event.

The people who worked at my venue also love working with Saffron because they have a great relationship and always work together to make sure that the food is served on time and in an organized fashion (of course, without sacrificing quality!). He has unique ideas but still maintains a competitive price. His offerings are a great blend of classic favorites and trendy ideas, and that comes together to produce an elegant, delicious, and unique dining experience!

We couldn't have been happier with our choice for my wedding. We have worked with Saffron for many years in the past, whether it's to cater a smaller event or simply to stop by with the family for dinner. When it came time to plan my wedding, they were a natural choice and I couldn't imagine working with anyone else

Alison V.
29 January 2011
I've been on a super diet and finally I just had to eat. I picked Saffron for the lunch buffet and I was thrilled that I did. The buffet had an amazing potato and califlower dish (aloo gobhi), and their mutter paneer (peas) was insanely delicious. The desserts this time were decent, kheer (rice pudding), and gajar ka halwa (something like a sweet carrot mash). Also, the rice was nice and soft this time (last time I had a bunch of crunchy grains).

The food here is really good!

Anthony S.
27 January 2009
The western suburbs seem to be the best place to find Indian food in Chicago. If you haven't tried Indian food before, this is the place to try it at.

Their curries are simply delectable! Choose from a variety of Indian cuisine off their extensive menu or come in for lunch and try a sampling from their buffet. From the menu I tend to order the Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, and the Lamb Vindaloo (this one can be quite spicy).

Their naan is also really good, highly recommend at least one order with your entr?e, I prefer plain naan but they do offer plenty of different varieties.

Oh and don't forget dessert! Go for the Gulab Jamun (like doughnut holes soaked in a hot sugary syrup - they're good trust me!!) or if you really have a sweet tooth Gajjar Ka Halwa (Which is like a really sweet carrot pudding). Finally for those lacking bravado, try the kheer, which is an Indian rice pudding.

Matt R.
20 January 2009
I went to check this place out a couple nights back, and it's great!

We had the cashewnut rolls, paneer Pakora, the veggie Thali and the Paneer Makhani. So 2 appetizers, 2 meals and still only like 38 bucks with tax? That's a steal to me.

The cashewnut rolls were pretty good, but really potato-y....I guess that was just me on that. Overall the food was really good though, and the veggie Thali was like a giant sampler platter of good stuff. As usual, the waiters are quick to fill your glass of water. Oh, and they have some nan with the good sauces that they bring out for everybody, which I can't think of anyone who dislikes.

Also, the owner keeps a close eye on the waiter, so the waiter is so professional about what he is doing it's almost funny. I mean the guy is in a suit, when everyone is dressed somewhat casual. You can almost see the mental whip-cracking as the owner prepares to invoke dire situations upon his waiter if he fails.

Overall, good, moderately priced indian food with plenty of vegetarian options at a clean and well set-up establishment.