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Welcome to Saffron

It all begins with a beautiful flower…
it all begins with a beautiful thought…
and then, it happens!
Saffron Restaurant is created…
The new Saffron Restaurant is as distinctive as the what is the cost of cialis Saffron flower itself.
Just as the Saffron flower is delicately hand-picked, so are the exclusive
ingredients of Saffron Restaurant
The Saffron spice that inspires the new restaurant’s name and logo
is derived from the Saffron Crocus, a fall-blooming flower native to the Mediterranean.
It takes the stigmas of 75,000 crocus blossoms to make a pound of Saffron.

Delivery Services

We are the restaurant delivery service for Saffron and we service the areas of Downer’s Grove – Westmont – Hinsdale – Darien – Burr Ridge – Willowbrook and Parts of Lisle. The Delivery Fee is $3.99 and we deliver to Residents, Office buildings and Hotels and also do Corporate.

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